Brooklyn School wins the NZ Dental Association 'Switch to water' challenge

On a sunny Wellington day last week, Brooklyn School showed us how to give the gift of water to kids and not feel like the Grinch!  Brooklyn school won the NZ Dental Association ‘Switch to water’ challenge. The school had adopted a water-only policy earlier this year, but the journey to becoming a water-only school began a year earlier when they worked with Healthy Futures to turn the school gala water-only. They switched sugary drinks for ‘dressed up’ water. Beautiful jugs of water with fresh fruit and ice… strawberry and borage, orange and tangelo and lemon and mint. The water was free, refreshing, looked attractive, and the kids and adults loved it!


Inspired by this success, Brooklyn School and local junior sports community have used our ‘Water kit’ again and again over 2016 at sports prize givings and school gatherings before following the Healthy Futures’ guide to buying and setting up their own.



On Friday, when Irene van Dyk visited Brooklyn School to present them with their prize and spend several hours with their netball teams, the water kits were in action again. This time, flavours included a choice of pineapple and mint, apple, plus orange and tangelo infused waters, as well as the ever-popular plain iced water. It was the third time in the past week that Brooklyn school had used their water kit - other outings included a syndicate lunch for 120 kids and a basketball prize giving. They’ve even lent their water kit to another local school for use at their recent school fair.



A water kit is a simple, popular and cost effective way of keeping kids hydrated with nature’s best - WATER! Find out how to set up your own water kit here


Awesome work Brooklyn School!