Charity Champions raise funds for Healthy Futures


It all started with a ‘Minimalist Challenge’. For each day in November, a group of friends agreed to remove items that they no longer needed from their homes. Some things went straight into the recycling bin (for example, an instruction manual for a 14” television from the 1990’s!?!), some things went to the recycling centre at the dump (a whole box of used batteries for example) but between them they also had quite a collection of really good quality used goods.

What to do with these goods?


The group were familiar with the work of Healthy Futures and decided to pool their resources and run an old fashioned garage sale to raise funds for the Wellington charity. Once the rest of the group’s community got wind of this plan, donations started rolling in.

Furniture, homeware, sporting equipment, books, toys, games, clothes and more were collected in garages around one Wellington suburb in the lead up to the Garage Sale for Charity. The person with the biggest (and tidiest!) garage was roped in to host the event and all the goodies were dropped off and sorted by the group over one evening.



The event was promoted through Facebook, Neighbourly and Wellington Exchange, and cardboard signs were painted to put up around the neighbourhood. On sale day the weather behaved and the public flooded in. Bargains were snapped up and Healthy Futures were handed a big bag of cash at the conclusion of the event.


We are so very grateful for the efforts of this community of charity champions. The $1500 raised will support one Garden to Table school for two years! To all those who were involved, thank you.

If you are keen to raise funds for Healthy Futures, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact us to share your fundraising ideas.