Healthy Futures supports 2016 White Ribbon Event

Healthy Futures volunteers had a great day out during November supporting the White Ribbon Event in Upper Hutt.

Although not strictly a health promotion event, our volunteers took the opportunity to showcase the Healthy Futures Water Kit and highlight the amount of sugar in shop bought beverages.


The Healthy Futures sugary drinks display demonstrates the amount of sugar in a range of popular shop-bought drinks. Many people were shocked at the amount of sugar in the drinks that they consume - most drinks far exceeding the World Health Organisation recommendations of three teaspoons of added sugar for children per day, and six teaspoons for adults. If you missed seeing the Healthy Futures stand, you can see how much sugar you drink in this resource from the Health Promotion agency.


Several people took photos of our sugary drinks display or found their friends to show them just how much sugar that their drinks contained. And of course we were on hand to offer fruit-infused water from the Healthy Futures Water Kit as a healthy alternative. The flavours of the day were: orange and tangelo; cucumber, lemon and mint; and plain iced water. All delicious and very refreshing!


The Upper Hutt event was one of many White Ribbon events held around the country in November promoting respectful relationships. Iconic New Zealand musician Hollie Smith launched this year’s White Ribbon campaign with her beautiful new single and video “Please”, to promote awareness about family violence. All proceeds from the sale of her single go to the White Ribbon campaign. You can download her single here.