Local students take action over fizzy drinks

Concerned about the amount of sugar being consumed at school a group of friends from Onslow College in Wellington decided to raise awareness about the amount of sugar in the drinks sold in their school canteen. Here's what they did!

Onslow college bath shot.jpg

Did you know an average teenager consumes a bath tub of sugar per year?

Lauren writes:
“Did you know an average teenager consumes a bath tub of sugar per year? (That’s just in sugary drinks). Crazy right!? That's why we decided to take action at Onslow College in Wellington to raise awareness before our fellow students' health went down the drain. 

So called 'sports drinks' are crammed full of sugar.  As athletes, we find this horrible and this is what sparked our idea to raise awareness about the amount of sugar we consume in drinks alone. (It also made us wonder why the All Blacks are sponsored by Powerade?)

How could we catch our classmates attention though? 

On 6th April we filled up a bath tub with sugar in the hall foyer, right in the path of our peers. With the help of Healthy Futures, we borrowed the sugary drinks info kit and set up a stand showing how much sugar is in our drinks, alongside dispensers with free fruit infused water for everyone.

Our action has made our student body start talking and questioning their drinking habits. The following week, our school canteen stopped selling Fizzy Drinks for a day. We’re now hoping to have a 'Fizzy Free Friday' every few weeks at our school with the aim to soon have a 'sugar free drinks' school and inspire other schools to follow around our area.


Maybe eventually branch out to the dairies and supermarkets and ask them not to sell students fizzy drinks before school.”

Lauren Davies

Congratulations Lauren and friends! As a result of their action, Onslow College has also had 5 new water filling and drinking stations installed across the school, with more coming soon.

We look forward to seeing how things progress at Onslow College.