Bring free drinking water stations to Porirua City!

Access to free drinking water, through water fountains with bottle refilling stations, helps reduce consumption of sugary drinks and reduces environmental waste from plastic bottles and cans.

Good for health, good for the environment, and great for our children and young people!

Image from Stuff 3 May 2017

Image from Stuff 3 May 2017

Currently children in Porirua have high rates of tooth decay:

61% of Pasifika 5 year olds have decay in their teeth

51% Maori 5 year olds have decay in their teeth

The dental care issues are highlighted in this article: 

Healthy Futures have prepared a submission asking Porirua City Council to install water fountains with bottle refilling stations in areas where children, teenagers and families hang out. We’ve asked Porirua children and their families where they would like water stations.


Top of the List:

  • North City Plaza

  • Te Rauparaha Arena

  • Cannons Creek Shops

  • Cobham Court

An example of the new wave of water fountains with bottle refilling stations available now…..

Water stations are a simple and positive tool in local council’s toolkits that can help address health issues such as dental care and preventable diseases such as type 2 diabetes in children.

Porirua City Council and the issues they’ve identified

Porirua City Council has a strong commitment to their children and young people. Their Long Term Plan puts “children and young people at the centre of city decisions”. Porirua has New Zealand’s youngest population, with 37.5 % of Porirua’s population aged 25 years and under.

The Status Report of Children and Young in Porirua 2017,  was released this week and it identified that “ there are some childhood health issues that need addressing in Porirua, specifically dental care, difficulty accessing primary health care and accidents”.

Healthy Futures Involvement

Healthy Futures vision is for all New Zealand children to live in an environment that enables and supports healthy eating and physical activity. We applaud Porirua City Council’s commitment to children and young people.

Healthy Futures see local government as one of the key shapers of children’s environments. Providing access to free drinking water is a very important step in shaping healthy environments for children.

Now we need your help to make it happen!

How you can help

Over the next few days we’ll be sharing photos and quotes from Porirua families on the Healthy Futures Facebook page  about why they want water stations. Please like and share our posts to show your support for the submission.

We will take the number of likes and shares we receive with us when we present the oral submission to Porirua City Council on May 16th. Help us put Porirua children and young people at the heart of decision making and take this step towards happy, healthy futures.


Mayor Tana and Porirua City Council have responded to our submission asking for water bottle refilling stations. We have been advised that the Healthy Futures and Child Obesity Prevention Network joint submission on the Porirua City Council Annual Plan has successfully influenced the installation of one water station as part of the City Centre Revitalisation.

The Council will also be considering further water stations as part of future developments, and plans to investigate the benefits of introducing healthy food and drink policies at PCC facilities and events. Thank you Porirua City Council, keep up the great work!