WELLfed: Runners up in the Education and Youth Development Category

WELLfed have recently been awarded Runners Up for Porirua in the Education and Youth Development Category of the Wellington Airport Regional Community Awards . We are very proud of everyone who is part of this great programme.

WELLfed started in August 2016 and since then 200 + meals have been taught, cooked and taken home to families.

For more information about the WELLfed story click here. 


At Healthy Futures we are so pleased to be part of a team that is helping parents provide healthy, low cost meals for their families. It is so exciting to hear about the changes in peoples lives. These include more vegetables being eaten, cheaper shopping bills, less takeaways being eaten, greater confidence cooking with different ingredients, and an increased awareness of what their children are eating.

Congratulations to the WELLfed team.