Simple, quick and affordable exercise with Move it Mama!

We all know we need some physical activity, but do you struggle to fit in exercise because it is just too hard to find the time? Or you simply cannot afford to buy trainers, let alone join a gym? Or you just don’t feel comfortable heading out to bounce about, because someone might SEE you? It can all just seem a bit HARD.


Healthy Futures is always looking for ways to help people overcome some of the barriers that prevent us from exercising. We’ve found something that may help you to increase your physical activity and improve your wellbeing. This ‘something’ is Move it Mama, and we love it because:




It is QUICK - a work out only takes 20 minutes.

It can be done IN YOUR OWN HOME (even the hallway will do!).

NO EQUIPMENT is needed - and you can even do it in your bare feet.


Move it Mama was started by Christchurch-based mum, Lisa Fong, after she’d had her fourth baby (fourth!!). With young children at home, Lisa (who has a background in physical education) started exercising with friends on her driveway. However one morning it was too wet to run her session outside and she realised that she wouldn’t fit everyone in her lounge. So, despite being ‘not a techy person’, Lisa set up a group on Facebook and recorded herself live so her friends could join her from their own lounges.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Eventually Lisa turned her regular exercise sessions with friends into a business called Move it Mama, and boy we’re glad she did. Her simple, quick, and affordable way of exercising is now accessible to many! Lisa hosts at least five workouts a week, which can be done ‘live’, or at a time that suits.

Source: TVNZ One News

Source: TVNZ One News

With young children at home, Lisa (who has a background in physical education) started exercising with friends on her driveway.

All of Lisa's workouts are posted on her dedicated Facebook page which is accessible to those who have paid the small monthly fee to join.  There are also at least two ‘Back to Basics’ workouts a week, for beginners or for those that are looking for a slightly easier workout with a bit more instruction.


Interested? You can check out a free Move it Mama session here.

And although the group is called ‘Move it Mama’, this is exercise that is for everyone - mums, dads, crossfit junkies, couch potatoes, the lot! Even the kids can join in. We recommend you give it a try!


Try out a free Move it Mama session here

Please note, if you have any health concerns, we recommend you seek advice from your GP before starting any exercise programme. If you are just starting out on your wellbeing journey, ask your GP about a Green Prescription - it’s a support service that helps you to improve your health and feel better at the same time.

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