Neon Night Walk 2 - Training and the Track



Spring is here!  So it’s time to get back into the outdoors and get training for the Neon Night Walk/Run 4 Good.

What will the course look like?

The start and finish line is at Camp Elsdon, which will be transformed for the night with neon, music and lights.

The course is very sheltered, through native bush, and the track is all off road.

We will rock up the challenging Colonial Knob walkway to stunning views at the lookout, then down the beautifully graded zig zag Te Ara Utiwai track.

First Aid will be based at Camp Elsdon and marshals will be on the course.

walkingthe trail.JPG

Course Options

• Dusk option (if you prefer not to walk at night) – 8km walk/run – No lights required – Start at 5.30pm – Sunset 7.40pm

• Night options – 8/16 km – Walk– Night option – Start at 6pm – Lights required

• 8, 16, 24 km Run options – start 6.30pm – Lights required

Trailupthe hill.JPG

What will I need?

For the night options the route is not illuminated so all participants must wear either a headlamp or have a good handheld flashlight (but a back up light source is also recommended).

You will need a good pair of trainers or walking shoes with good grip - and make sure to train in the shoes that you plan to wear on the night.

Your phone or your camera, incase you plan to stopping at the top to admire the view!  

Don’t forget some warm layers, a beanie or hat, a water bottle, and to dress up in your neons with a big smile!

Check out our previous blog here.

How to get involved

To register to participate go to; and then once you have registered share our link: to fundraise.

How should I train?

The track to Colonial Knob has both hills and steps - so we definitely recommend including some hills in your walks, and taking the stairs at work will be great practice for the steps on the trail!

Healthy Futures has some good resources to point you in the right direction for your fitness goals...check them out here

Wellington, Porirua and Hutt Valley have loads of great walking tracks to practise on, and it’s much more enjoyable than walking on pavement! There are even buggy walks, and a Welly Walks App to help you decide - take a look at some options here:

Even if you haven’t started fitness walking yet, the 8km loop can be perfect for you! We recommend starting out with short walks a few days a week, slowly adding to the walk time each week.  After a few weeks you can test out a longer duration walk to try building up some endurance. For more tips or a training plan you can check out this link:

We look forward to walking with you on October 27th - Good luck with your training efforts!