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Regional Survey Supports National Initiative for 'Water Only' Schools in NZ!

Results from a survey of greater Wellington schools reveals 28% of schools with a ‘water-only’ policy compared to the 10% of schools reported by the Ministry of Education. The survey also identified schools that wanted support, and lessons were shared that may be useful to schools implementing, planning or considering a ‘water-only’ policy. Making schools ‘water-only’ could be a first step in changing our children's environment to prevent obesity. Small steps but encouraging reading. Read more.

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Local students take action over fizzy drinks

We LOVE IT when young people are out there promoting healthy choices to their own communities…the message is so much stronger. That’s why we were excited to hear from Lauren Davies and students from the Year 10 Social Action stream at Onslow College who were talking about taking some fairly radical action at their school to try and rid the canteen of fizzy drinks.

Hear from Lauren about what motivated them and what they got up to here…