Our Healthy Steps Mission: To connect, encourage and support communities to be active and strive towards a healthier future.


Initially, Healthy Steps was a New Year’s resolution to walk up Mt Kaukau 100 times. The challenge was called the Kaukau100.


Through the advantages of social media it quickly became an active, engaged and growing group of people keen to set their own goals within the challenge - it became a fun, social and empowering community movement.


“At the beginning of 2018 I was looking for an activity to get fitter ... 101 walks later, not only was I fitter, but I had made new friends, enjoyed several different views of the city, and I was willing to do it all over again!” – Adriana Destenave

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Using Facebook as a platform to engage and encourage others, we saw people persevere and reach their goals, and bring their family and friends along on their journey too. It was a winning recipe for encouraging healthy activity; and so Healthy Futures created Healthy Steps as an initiative to encourage health and fitness goals throughout the wider Wellington region.

“I loved the Kaukau100 challenge so much I’m doing it again in 2019! This time with my 9-year-old daughter.” – Celia Horner


“It’s group exercise with a difference… you can do it in your own time, by yourself if you wish and still feel like someone is walking beside you – it’s motivating and creates a sense of belonging in a community” - Toni Shanks


Healthy Steps in your community

Do you have an activity or exercise goal that you would like to achieve and share with others? Through Healthy Steps we give you the tools to champion your own group in your community. Or, check out the Healthy Steps groups already active in the Wellington region and jump on board.



If you have any questions about the Healthy Steps programme, please contact Toni on tonishanks@gmail.com or 021354358.