How to develop a Healthy Food Policy for your school

These are guidelines to assist you in writing your school policy, it is up to your school which suggestions you incorporate into your particular document. We suggest you consult with others, including the principal of the school early in this process.

Step One:

Brainstorm all the times in your school when food is available. Some of these may be:

  • school lunches
  • shared lunches
  • bake sales
  • discos
  • fairs
  • fundraising sales
  • cultural dinners
  • sausage sizzles

Step Two:

Decide whether there are foods you will ban at certain times eg. lollies or fizzy drinks in everyday school lunches

Step Three:

Use the template policy draft document to write your healthy food policy. Consult with appropriate people in your school and make any changes agreed on.

Step Four:

Release the policy to the wider school community with support materials. We suggest you send a letter home detailing any changes that the policy will mean for the school, so parents are reassured. Also send any support materials you can to affected groups, for example the list of suggestions for savoury baking to people running fundraisers, if you change school lunch suppliers send promotional materials home with students etc.

Thank you for caring about our children’s future health!