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"School canteens and tuckshops influence what children eat. If they sell foods high in salt, fat or sugar, children are more likely to choose them over healthier, more nutritious options.

This contradicts healthy eating messages children get from home and in the classroom. It is confusing for children and encourages unhealthy eating habits. It also means the school is supporting and profiting from unhealthy eating.

Fortunately, many school canteens offer tasty and interesting options to children, including sandwiches and wraps, baked potatoes and sushi.

Food in the canteen should follow Ministry of Health Food and Nutrition Guidelines - see reference below. They should include interesting and appealing foods from each of the five food groups with an emphasis on fresh fruit, vegetables, legumes and wholegrain cereals. Water should be freely available to all children all day and always favoured as the first choice of drink. Food and drinks high in sugar, fat or salt, should be limited or not available at all."