Top 10 everyday food traps and how to beat them

"Whether you work in an office or at home, on a building site or on a plane, finding the time, energy, ingredients and inspiration to eat healthy meals can be a daily challenge. Dietitians Caitlin Reid and Claire Turnbull show us the most important everyday food traps – at work, home and on the go – and give us some real and simple solutions.

While researching this article, we asked taxi drivers and lawyers, airline attendants and company executives, truck drivers and beauty therapists, what their biggest food issues were. And their answers were surprisingly similar: "I flag mid-afternoon and eat junk to keep me going"; "I don't have time to stop so I usually skip lunch"; "Working shifts is a killer, you just never get eating right"; "Often there's no other choice but to eat something you know's not good for you"; "At night I'm just too exhausted to even think about cooking a proper meal."