Weight management in 2-5 year olds

Weight Management in 2–5 Year Olds >

Addressing overweight and obesity is a government priority. Nearly one third of New Zealand children are either overweight or obese. This is an issue that can have serious long-term effects on the health and wellbeing of children as they grow older.

Evidence shows that an unhealthy diet, excess weight and physical inactivity are three major modifiable risk factors that contribute to early death, illness and disability in New Zealanders. Through helping to identify children who have an unhealthy weight trend or are already overweight or obese, and providing weight management support, we can help to improve their wellbeing both now and into the future.

Weight Management in 2–5 Year Olds is a practical resource to equip health providers with the most up-to-date advice to monitor, assess and manage children who are overweight and obese.