Step into a healthy lifestyle with Healthy Steps


Healthy Steps is a fun, social and empowering community movement.


Do you have an activity or exercise goal that you would like to achieve and share with others? Through Healthy Steps we give you the tools to champion your own group in your community.

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Set up a Healthy Steps group, here’s how…

  1. Come up with a healthy activity goal (check out one idea here).

  2. Tell your friends and family, see if they want to jump on board with you.

  3. Set up your Facebook Group (here’s how!), don’t forget select your privacy setting, and add your friends.

  4. Get posting!

Make sure that you email us on, when you set up your group so that we can join too!  We’d love to see what you’re up to, offering our support and encouragement, and on occasion joining in.

Check out the Healthy Steps groups already active in the Wellington region. If you live in the region, jump on board!




How many need to be in my group?

As many as you like, or as many as it grows to!

The idea is that the group is there for support, encouragement and connection – size does not matter so long as this is happening it will work.


What will Healthy Futures provide?

Lots of encouragement, support and healthy vibes!

When you create a group let us know and you will receive a welcome letter from us. It will have all the key contacts, and tips and tricks for keeping the group active, on-track and engaged.

When Healthy Futures is involved in an event in the community, we will put a call out to all the Healthy Steps groups inviting individuals to join us and we can be healthy and active together!  

Want to turn it into a FUNdraiser?

Healthy Futures is always keen to hear from people who would like to support our work. If you would like to use Healthy Steps as a platform to fundraise for Healthy Futures programmes and initiatives, read on to find out how! Every dollar raised goes towards growing kiwi kids with happy healthy futures.


“To keep myself accountable and on-track, it was important that I was doing this for someone other than myself. It seemed fitting that my healthy activity should also benefit Healthy Futures” - Toni


How to become a fundraiser for Healthy Futures using givealittle

Go to the Healthy Futures Givealittle page then:

  • Click on the Green Help Fundraise button at the top of the Healthy Futures page.

  • Complete the required information.

    • Under Beneficiary Details – your page will be linked to Healthy Futures

    • We suggest setting up the duration of your page for one year or for a custom date. Make a note of this date in your calendar, and close to this time you can extend the duration of your page if your group is still active.

    • Under Links – include a link to our website to make sure people can see what we are about!

    • Don’t forget to put a message in the gratitude section. It’s nice for your participants to receive thanks and words of encouragement when they hit a goal!

Givealittle pages need to receive three donations to be validated by the moderator. Don’t worry about this! Get active in your group and it won’t take long to get three donations. This will mean that your page will show up in search results.



If you have any questions about the Healthy Steps programme, please contact Toni on or 021354358.