Exercise and Fitness

Activities for under 5s

Movement is important from birth. Help your infant or toddler to be active, and they will learn and develop quickly. Sensory exploration, play and movement are how your child makes sense of the world. Help them out by giving them lots of opportunities to play and move. This Sport New Zealand publication gives us information on activities for under 5s.

Tips to help 2-5 year olds be more active

Being active will help your child achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. Being active has many other health benefits and can be fun for the whole family. This Ministry of Health information gives us tips to help 2-5 year olds be more active. Health Navigator NZ gives us ideas for active play for under-5s.

Low cost or free community fitness classes in Wellington

"Come along to our exercise classes. Everyone is welcome! Bring along a towel, some water, and your friends and family!"

Find a Compass Health free or low cost community class near you. 

Check out programmes offered in the Hutt: Recreation Programmes for everyone (Hutt City) and Physical Activity (Te Awakairangi Health Network).