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Healthy events and fundraisers

Good nutrition and healthy eating practices in childhood are important in shaping lifelong behaviours. We also know that nutritious, balanced food improves children’s learning and behaviour. This Community and Public Health Healthy Events and Fundraisers Guide is designed to help school and event organisers maintain a positive food and drink environment that gives consistent, accurate messages about food and drinks.

School fundraising

Raise money for a good cause and stay healthy with the Heart Foundation’s healthy fundraising ideas for schools tool.

Designed with schools in mind, the guide features a variety of activities that kids will love.

Fundraising events often focus on unhealthy food – the Heart Foundation’s ideas include healthy food fundraisers and energetic activities to get people moving.

They’ve even got a healthy version of the classic sausage sizzle, and other easy fundraising ideas will inspire you to also try something new.

Healthy food in schools

The Heart Foundation wants healthy food, drink and activity in schools. The Heart Foundation infographic highlights health statistics related to children and schools in New Zealand and explains how the Heart Foundation can work with your school.

Consuming healthy foods and drinks every day not only improves students’ overall health but can also improve their concentration, behaviour and opportunity to learn. Fuel 4 Life: Schools gives you guidance on how to encourage healthy eating habits in your school.

Providing healthier beverage options in your workplace

"A workplace that supports wellbeing has staff who are more productive, happier and healthier. Employees spend 60% of their waking hours at work and this usually includes at least one meal time. Swapping sugar-sweetened beverages for low or no-sugar options is an easy way for employees to improve their health." 

The Health Promotion Agency gives guidance on providing healthier beverage options in your workplace. 

Safe and active transport to school

"Walking, cycling and scooting to school offer children many benefits. Improved independence, physical and mental health, decision making, risk assessment and road safety skills, to name a few."

Greater Wellington Regional Council provide tools and resources for schools to promote safe and active travel. 


Children’s Commissioner: Guidelines for school food programmes

These Children's Commissioner guidelines are for schools that want to have a successful food programme – whether they are just thinking about where to start, or wanting to improve an existing one. The guidelines aim to ensure any programme achieves the maximum possible health and educational benefits for all children. 

Water only policy template

"We encourage all schools to become water only. This means making sure that water (and plain reduced fat milk) is the only drink in your school. Schools that have moved to being water only have seen that it benefits teaching and learning as well as student health and wellbeing."

Ministry of Education guidelines on how to become a water-only school. 

Water­ only school success story­: Yendarra School, Otara

In 2006 the school began a series of small changes in the food and beverage environment which have resulted in significant weight loss among pupils – and a lot of other striking improvements in behaviour, attendance, health and learning achievementsThat Sugar Film tells the Yendarra School story

Healthy workplaces: A model for action (WHO)

Workers’ health, safety and well-being are vital concerns to hundreds of millions of working people worldwide. But the issue extends even further beyond individuals and their families. It is of paramount importance to the productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of enterprises, communities, and to national and regional economies. This WHO publication provides a model for action for healthy workplaces.