Campaigning for healthy school food

"The state school my boys attend implemented a Healthy Food Policy (HFP) to take effect at the beginning of Term 3, 2014. YES, this was my moment. Everybody has their soapbox issue. Mine is healthy food for children."

Healthy Food Guide writer Judith Yeabsley shares her story on how she campaigned to improve the food environment at her children's school. 

Water only policy template

"We encourage all schools to become water only. This means making sure that water (and plain reduced fat milk) is the only drink in your school. Schools that have moved to being water only have seen that it benefits teaching and learning as well as student health and wellbeing."

Ministry of Education guidelines on how to become a water-only school. 

Water­ only school success story­: Yendarra School, Otara

In 2006 the school began a series of small changes in the food and beverage environment which have resulted in significant weight loss among pupils – and a lot of other striking improvements in behaviour, attendance, health and learning achievementsThat Sugar Film tells the Yendarra School story