Top 10 everyday food traps and how to beat them

Whether you work in an office or at home, on a building site or on a plane, finding the time, energy, ingredients and inspiration to eat healthy meals can be a daily challenge. Dietitians Caitlin Reid and Claire Turnbull from the Healthy Food Guide show us the most important everyday food traps – at work, home and on the go – and give us some real and simple solutions.

Providing healthier beverage options in your workplace

"A workplace that supports wellbeing has staff who are more productive, happier and healthier. Employees spend 60% of their waking hours at work and this usually includes at least one meal time. Swapping sugar-sweetened beverages for low or no-sugar options is an easy way for employees to improve their health." 

The Health Promotion Agency gives guidance on providing healthier beverage options in your workplace. 

Healthy workplaces: A model for action (WHO)

Workers’ health, safety and well-being are vital concerns to hundreds of millions of working people worldwide. But the issue extends even further beyond individuals and their families. It is of paramount importance to the productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of enterprises, communities, and to national and regional economies. This WHO publication provides a model for action for healthy workplaces.