Fundraiser blows sausage sizzle out of the water

The Wellington East Girls’ College rowing team has, in recent years, tried a different approach to their annual regatta food stall fundraiser. Instead of the traditional sausage sizzle, we tried something new with our food stall on the Wellington waterfront. The food stall was a hit with the public, organisers, and it made a record profit for the team!

So, what was on the menu?

● corn fritters (in a bun with salsa and sour cream)

● mussel fritters (in a Prefab bun with pesto & rocket Mayo)

● risone and roast veg salad

● tomato and lentil soup

● fruit

● water

Our rowing team's stall was in competition with a sausage sizzle alongside us, but we needn't have worried ­ even the volunteers running the sausage sizzle came to get their lunch from the Wellington East Girls' stall!

Feedback from the public included:

" street food I've ever eaten"

".....better than usual fundraisers"

We found it interesting that no one mentioned that it was 'healthier', just tastier!

Feedback from the Head of Wellington Rowing Association:

“.....well done Miranda and your team. You added to the panache the wonderful sport of rowing enjoys.”

From the organiser of the event:

“Having your group available to feed our great bunch of officials and volunteers, not to mention everyone else who attended the regatta and those schmoozing along the waterfront, was wonderful.

The Chief Umpire’s description of the two mussel fritters that he was served was the most animated I saw him all day! The Wellington Rowing Association consider their investment in your services was money very well spent. I hope your overall takings rewarded your efforts well!”

 - Parent, Wellington East Girls College