Pre‐diabetes diagnosis put in its place

I am a wife and busy mum of two children and I work from home. My motivation to lose weight came after I was diagnosed as pre­-diabetic in November 2014. My HbA1c (a measure indicating average blood glucose level over the past 2­3 months) was 41 (pre-­diabetic range is 40-­50) but it was enough to make me seriously want to lose weight. At 5’2” my ideal weight range was 46-59kg and I weighed 68kg.

My downfall was, at times, not eating well at set mealtimes and making poor choices when I did eat. Mostly however, I had a sweet tooth and quite often would snack on chocolate, lollies and chippies. Whilst I thought I was eating healthy enough using the “everything in moderation” motto, and swimming at least 2.5­4km per week, after talking with one of the nurses from Healthy Futures, I decided that sugar had to be my enemy. To begin with, I started using ideas from low­sugar recipe books. I started eating breakfast; lunch became salads and berries; and almonds and natural yoghurt became my new friends. I started cooking more eggs and water became the norm. I started trying new recipes, used fresher ingredients (including from my own vege garden), and also cooked them for my family.

Dinner time was much the same but I was more conscious about what I ate. Brown rice, vegetables, and meat were staples. It was important that the family benefitted too – having us all pretty much eating the same at mealtimes helped support me.

A year later, my weight had dropped by 8kg and my HbA1c rate dropped to 38! I would like to lose a few more kilos and know I can make further changes to my diet – variation is also key I think.

- Dianna, Wellington