Supporting your community to grow healthy kiwi kids

Every parent wants good health for their kids. But in the current food environment healthy choices aren’t always easily available and it can be confusing to know what is healthy and what is not.

At Healthy Futures we are working to improve the food environments where people live, learn and work so that it is easy for everyone to make healthy choices.

How is Healthy Futures helping to improve the food environment?

So far, Healthy Future has helped to change the food environment in the Greater Wellington region by:

  • supporting the development of the healthy food policy at Capital and Coast District Health Board
  • presenting a submission to the Wellington City Council, asking them to increase public access to free water by installing water stations in central city locations where children, teenagers and families gather
  • hosting events to engage Wellington schools to share knowledge and ideas to improve their school food environment
  • hosting events screening That Sugar Film* to engage the public and improve awareness around hidden sugars in perceived healthy food
  • promoting water as the best drink at community events through the Healthy Futures Water Kit - now available for purchase for Wellington community organisations.
  • promoting and initiating healthy fundraising options for Wellington schools


*Whilst Healthy Futures supports the message about hidden sugars within ‘That Sugar Film’, we recommend that saturated fat consumption is limited as per the Ministry of Health Current Food and Nutrition Guidelines.

We can help you to encourage healthy changes in your community.